Kashi Kol­lec­tive is a world­wide group of musi­cians cre­at­ing instru­men­tal music geared for Relax­ation, Med­i­ta­tion, Yoga and other Heal­ing Arts.

The music is com­posed on piano and gui­tar, held together by eth­nic per­cus­sion and topped with beau­ti­ful per­for­mances on wood­wind instru­ments. The music is not inva­sive nor is it sim­ple back­ground music. It does not incor­po­rate sounds of nature, but focuses on great musi­cal per­for­mances on acoustic instruments.

If you would like to become a sup­porter of our music you can: friend us on Face­book, cre­ate a Kashi Kol­lec­tive sta­tion on Pan­dora, visit our col­lec­tion of YouTube videos, or pur­chase our music online at Ama­zon, iTunes and many other retailers.

Have a lis­ten, meet the artists, breathe deep and enjoy.

Treat your­self to the CD’s or mp3 downloads.

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